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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Battle Cry?

OK - so I'm a little miffed. Last weekend we supported a youth event called Battle Cry. Check it out here. Many have heard about it. Well, A few weeks ago I heard someone say regarding projects and initiatives in the Kingdom, "I try not to be against anything, but know what I'm for". That comment spoke volumes to me. I guess, In the end, having 25k young folks come together and talk about their commitment to Christ is a good thing. But, when they decided to stir up the political pot by going into attack mode toward the gay community I began to wonder if it was all a publicity stunt, especially when I saw Ron Luce on the Bill O'Reilly show touting his efforts. I mean really - isn't the Homosexual community an easy scapegoat? Isn't the fact that we in the evangelical church are getting divorces as the same rate as the rest of America more disturbing to anyone else but me than the fact that gay folks want to get married? Isn't the current immigration debate a more important issue for the church. Why didn't Luce have the 25k kids go to the street and care for the out of control homeless population in San Fran, instead of shouting in front of the cameras at City Hall?

David Batstone from Sojouners had a great response to the weekend's Battle Cry events. Read his comments here. I don't want to be a naysayer toward anyone's efforts and at times I (honestly) can be more critical than it's worth. BUT - I know what I'm for, justice, peace, strong marriages, a commitment to Christ... Let's teach our kids to know what any why they believe, not what they are against. Let's help them build strong marriages.