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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Love East Palo Alto

Yesterday I went to Samuels baseball game at MLK park in EPA. After getting agitated about a call at the plate I ended up sitting by the scoring table. I was good - kept my cool - but needed to be near the 'seat of power' to be ready to complain if it became necessary. Ok- so I'm becoming one of 'those' baseball dads. You better pray for me. Samuel's team won... he had an RBI single and stole second. I think it a lock for him to be on the Yankees in about nine years.

After a while a colleague / friend showed up to support his friends team. Malcolm is a great guy and a an emerging community leader. His uncle is one of the 'pillars' of East Palo Alto - working with youth. So - he introduced me to his friends Marcia and Edgar (their son plays on Samuel's team) and we end up in a great conversation about immigration reform, the positive side of hip hop, the church and the youth of EPA. I walked away feeling blessed to live in our community. Where else can you cheer for little league baseball and solve the world's problems. I love EPA.

Check out Malcolm's blog here.

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