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Monday, December 11, 2006


- I've been golfing more lately. My friend Steve Zeisler from
Peninsula Bible Church has me golfing with a group of retired men each Friday. It really sucks to have a 75 year old man out drive you by 25 yards - so I'm recommitted to the game. Last Monday I snuck out for nine holes at dusk at Palo Alto Muni. I ended up golfing alone, sun setting, moon rising over the bay... like a slice of heaven, with a slicing golf ball. The pic does no justice.

Golfing with these gentleman has been one of the highlights of the week for me. All of them are men of faith who are still serving God faithfully. The wisdom I recieve from them is priceless. Please pray for Steve - he recently had knee replacment surgery and is laid up...

- My friend at church, Marche, got blessed with a new car (FREE)! Really - God is Good! Marche is a faithful servant. Yea God!

- Giants resign Barry Bonds... hmmm. $16 million a year to play 1/2 the season??? I guess it's good work if you can find it.
- Yanks resign Andy Pettitte. Good move I think. Ancillary note, I have a jersey with his number that I got at a clearance rack in NYC. Now I can hold my head up when I wear it!
- Dolphins CRUSH the Pats yesterday. Why couldn't they do this when it mattered?
- Went to a pastors appreciation service in SF last night for Pastor and First Lady Dorn. I really like them. They are a great example of folks following the call. Blessings to them and their church family.

- Sam took a random picture of himself with my camera phone. Gotta love him!

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