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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

GE Patterson on MySpace

Bishop Patterson has a MySpace page... whoddathunk? I guess it says something about the man.

Whomever put the page together did a good job. They posted some of his messages on video from youtube. Good stuff. Being a new 'elder' in the COGIC world, I'm still becoming familiar with some of our leaders. Bishop Patterson was a great preacher - and I'm not one to say that often.

I particularly like the message he did on a communion Sunday. There is so much wealth and history in COGIC. Great preachers, great music. I still feel blessed to be part of this great church.

Please pray for our denomination. With Bishop Patterson dying there will be a whole process to decide on the new presiding Bishop. Some say our local Bishop Hamilton is a viable candidate. Either way - this is a critical time for the Church of God in Christ.

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