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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Peninsula Covenant Church

Last Sunday I was privileged to attend and speak at Peninsula Covenant Church. While I've known of the church for years (many friends of mine attend there including NCUD's team member Jenni) I hadn't had a real contact with them. My good friend Rob McCleland introduced me to Pastor Gary Gaddini a few months ago. Gary is a great guy and wonderful pastor. Gary interviewed me before his message on Sunday. He's teaching out of the book of Esther, talking about "Risk it All" You can hear the sermon here, but I'm not sure if my part is included.

I was overwhelmed by the support and words of encouragement for our project. One member who approached me runs a local heating and ventilation company. For the past year and a half we've been sweltering and freezing in our office. He came by yesterday and in a matter of minutes had cool, fresh air cruising through our offices! What a HUGE blessing!

I walked away from my day at PCC feeling thankful for the Body of Christ. I look forward to deepening my relationship with Pastor Gary and the family at PCC!


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Faithful, faithful, faithful... is our God!
    John, I'm glad you are also full of Faith.

  2. I'm glad you left encouraged. So many people have come up to me and told me they met you. It's been fun to have the world's combined.

  3. Anonymous10:57 PM

    You are a testimony to ---taking a leap of faith. Thanks-- I hope we get a chance for an update a few months down the road. (Maybe a PCC "bridge article?"