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Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging CCDA - Notes from Dr. AR Benard

At CCDA Plenary Session:
Mt 5:45
God "rains" on the just and unjust

God can be good to sinners

The Unjust recieve:

Common grace
Dispensed by Social institutions
To people

Supported by taxes

The Just recieve

Saving grace
Church dispensed
To people

Supported by tithes

However, the just must influence and impact the way that the unjust recieve grace. It's our role to monitor and control the dispensation of grace to the world.

From Nyack College afterparty where Dr. Benard addressed college student's questions:
How to build effective ministry

Establish purpose
Craft statment
One word reason for sucess: persistence

How did you recieve your call?
Call is progressive - a process.
"like a NYC block - see the end, walk towards it."
Knew what he was not supposed to do.

Other Great Comments:

Spend your life increasing your value not looking to increase your influence.

Integrity is a powerful thing.
Be extra careful in your interactions.

Hamilton federaist papers - built soceity on the reality of human nature. Build into life integrity barriers.

Fear your own power.

Satan tempts not in the area of our weakness but in the area of our strenghts.

Effectively serving / influencing churches:

- walk in humilty, make suggestions not criticisms

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