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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mo Signs!

I know it's somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of things - but Mariano Rivera singed for a three year deal, keeping him in pinstripes for the rest of his career. The Steinbrenner sons, in my opinion, did a good job in putting the team back together this year. ARod should sign in the upcoming days. Things are starting to look up!

The New York Daily News reports:
Mariano Rivera did what he does best Monday: He closed the deal.

Rivera, the team's All-Star closer, agreed to a three-year, $45 million contract, remaining in the only big-league uniform he has ever worn. Rivera's agent, Fernando Cuza, informed the club of the pitcher's decision, which came two days after he returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic.

With Jorge Posada and Rivera back in the fold, the Yankees need only polish off Alex Rodriguez's contract in the coming days to finish off their heavy offseason lifting.

"We've got everybody back," senior vice president Hank Steinbrenner told The Associated Press. "It's good to have both Jorgie and (Rivera) back"

Steve, I don't want to hear anything about the Red Sox or the Lowell signing... The Bronx still rules!

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