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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Best Pizza

OK. I admit it. I'm a pizza snob. I hate soggy, ham and pinapple, take and bake or mass produced pizza. It's offends my Italian American, northeastern US heritage! 

New York Daily News lists the best pizza in NYC. While admittedly the pizza in the Big Apple is truly awesome (my family in Jersey says the pizza across the river is better...), are they truly better than the Bay Area's Amici's or Tommaso's in San Francisco (just ignore the red light district that surrounds it)? I don't know, Jeremy, I thin the Bay is giving the Apple a run for it's pizza money...

So - what say you? What is the best pizza in your 'hood? Please don't say Domino's! 


  1. Did I take you to Lombardi's? The original pizzeria in America is still the best! Next time you're in town, we can do a tour of several NYC pizza legends and then you can tell me how the Bay Area holds up. (And vice versa when I finally get to NorCal.)

  2. Brother,

    How can you dis Chicago like that? Everyone knows the best pizza in the world is right here in the Windy City.

    It's hard to isolate one best pizza place, though. Gino's, Lou Malnati's, Goirdano's, and Leona's are all the bomb.

    Do you guys still say that on the West Coast?

  3. I've been to Lou Malnati's and just don't get the hype. If Malnati's is classic Chicago style pizza at its best, there's just no contest. Not that it's bad, but ... Sorry.

  4. I'm always up for great pizza, Jeremy. Yes, you took me to Lombardi's. It was great - but I thin k SF's Tomasso's gives it a good run for it's money.

    As for Chi Town, I think Goirdano's is good, but it seems more like lasagana than pizza to me. Thin crust is the way to go for me.

  5. Ain't no party like a west coast party...

    Zachery's in Berkeley. Hands down.

    Don't fall victim to the east coast media bias!