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Monday, April 14, 2008

Warm Weekend

It was an unusually warm weekend around the Bay this weekend. When it would usually be 65 degrees, it was around 90 in EPA. As many Bay folks do - when it gets above 75 we all start whining and head to the beach. What a beautiful beach day! Being true city lovers, Sam Melissa and I went to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  Parts of it is beautiful black sand beach. The beach was packed, lots of folks, lots of sights. It's an odd day in San Fran when it's 80 degrees at the beach.

After the beach we drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay arriving at one of our favorite restaurants the Flying Fish Grill. If you're ever in the area, check them out. It's a bit of a 'hole in the wall' place - but it has great, cheap seafood. I had the chioppino (a San Francisco creation - it's a Italian Seafood soup in a tomato base) and Sam and Melissa had their amazing fish and chips. (I loved the chioppino, but it was a little heavy on the calamari this time). If you're going to the grill - note that they close early - 8:00 pm. 

We even ran into some old friends there, Ben and Lucy Rodriguez. Kind of funny - since we introduced them to the place a number of years ago! 


  1. Ay Samuelito... they went to the beach instead of to market!! que cute! I hope your moms & pops didn't have to remind you to dust off your toesies before you got in the car!! I miss you guys, and I miss the Flying Fish fish. Adelante EPA/EMP!

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