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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short update - sitting in O'Hare...

The last few weeks have been extremely busy - evidenced by my lack of blogging.  As I write this I'm on the way home from the CCDA board meeting - of which I recently became a member. I got to O'Hare somewhat early and after a short nap on the floor - felt ready to post an update. (I'm sure I'm quite the sight as I snore away in a corner... )It's an honor to serve CCDA and Noel Castellanos - the new CEO. While I've enjoyed getting to know all the members, it's been a particular joy to spend time with Dr. Louis Carlo from (where else...) NYC. Dr. Carlo is a wonderful, fun, brilliant and warm man. 

Last weekend we attended another amazing Urban Youth Workers Institute in Los Angeles. It was a special honor to have my son Samuel do a workshop with me. We spoke on " What Do You Do When The Community You Serve Doesn't Look Like You?" Sam did a great job. He had the chance to speak about his life and experiences growing up in East Palo Alto.

A couple of weeks ago Sam and I went to NYC for a few days. I'll shortly post some pictures and thoughts about the trip. Thanks for being patient with my inconsistent blogging - I'll shortly get back to form. Here's a rather poor picture of me that I just took - in case you forgot how beautiful I am! 

I'll write more soon... 

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