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Friday, August 08, 2008

Some Great News!

I have some wonderful news on the home front! After many years of praying and many months of looking we're close to closing on a new home for our family in East Palo Alto! If all goes well, our new place will close escrow on the 13th. For eight years now we've lived in the east Menlo Park Belle Haven neighborhood - but our whole lives have been invested in EPA. We're thrilled to finally be able to live in the community that God has called us to serve.

The place we're buying is at 1143 Saratoga, directly across from the Cityteam building and about a 7 iron golf shot from where we currently reside on Willow Rd. It also has a wonderful two bedroom 2nd story apartment that we'll be renting out right away, so please let anyone know who is looking for a place.

Not comes the fun part - we're looking for a few willing hands and strong backs to help us move on Saturday, August 23rd starting at 8:00 am. Those of you who know our current place, know that we don't have too much stuff, so with enough help I think we could knock it out in a couple of hours. If you can come by and give us a hand - we'd be blessed and honored.

Please keep praying for us during this exciting and somewhat scary transition for us. If something goes wrong with the closing of the house in the upcoming days, I'll shoot a follow up email. Please let me know if you can help so we can plan accordingly...

Peace and blessings,

- John and Melissa Liotti


    Now will Melissa get her own kitchen? or do you still have the Lion's Share dibs on the Culinary Capitol of the YaY Area...
    [I've been moving people the last 2 weeks while I was on summer break, but it would have been my joy to go over there for a few breathless hours in August.

    Congrats John & Melissa - now Samuel has a bigger room to clean!

  2. Awesome news! Congrats! Hopefully, we'll find ours in 2009.