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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good Weekend...

Labor Day weekend... Thank God for you! 

We really needed the three day weekend. While the weekend before we moved into our new place, we still had a bunch of junk in the old one. We spent the weekend clearing out the old apartment, and continuing to work through the boxes and set up our new house. When we left Modesto we down sized a three bedroom small house to a tiny apartment. We got rid of much of our furniture. Now we're having to upsize into a new place, so we're begging, borrowing and stealing as much furniture as we can. Melissa's friend Karen was headed to a missions stint in Russia and she long term lent us a bunch of nice stuff. Phil and Jen were getting rid of some couches and the chair I'm sitting on right now, so thanks to them we have a living room. We found a very nice 'scratch and dent' dining room table a Sears, so we outfitted them with four chairs from Ikea. So - other than some odds and ends, we're set.

We also have rented our upstairs apartment! A wonderful single mom with two teenage children rented the place from us. She's an interior designer who teaches part time at the Academy of Art. Samuel has already struck up a friendship with Cody around, what else, video games. Last week I was focused on getting the apartment ready with some plumbing needs and a stove. 

Sam and I did get a chance to sneak away to Fort Funston. This part of Golden Gate National Park is a off leash dog park. It has a very nice beach and some excellent trails. It's also a great place to see every type of dog, big and small, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas. Samuel and Ralph had a great time.

All in all, this was the kind of weekend we needed... Here's some pics: 

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