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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Back From 'Blogcation'

To all of my deprived readers (if there are any left),

Please forgive my absence. Frankly, blogging started to feel more like work than fun - so a break was in order. Going forward, I hope to be more focused with my posts. They may be less frequent but hopefully will have slightly more content.

Over the past three months I've focused my attention on a few key issues. The first and main issue is formulating a response to the current housing crisis. We've been working on a Housing Market Stabilization Initiative (HMSI) which would work to intervene for families who are losing their homes. Secondly, NCUD's youth program, now dubbed "Future Profits"is growing and needing more and more attention. Lastly, I've been working on an Emerging Leader Initiative (ELI) for CCDA. The ELI will be a one year cohort program designed to pass on the CCDA legacy from the founders including Dr. John Perkins. Overarching all of this is the economy - which is making all of us in the non profit world pay close attention to the bottom line.

All that said, blogging unfortunately has taken a back seat to my other initiatives. Ultimately it's a matter of brain 'bandwidth' which is feeling more and more scarce these days.

I hope to post more in the upcoming days. If you're still reading this - give me a 'shout out' so I know I'm not just writing for myself!


  1. Hi John,

    I saw you at the Habitat breakfast this morning but didn't get a chance to introduce myself. I've been following you for only a little while, probably right before your "blogcation."

    -- Chris Mohr
    Housing Endowment And Regional Trust (HEART) of San Mateo County

  2. Welcome back! (But I'm a little skeptical that this is an April Fool's joke and you're really just teasing the rest of us.)