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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Finally Starting to Slow Down

Christmas Eve morning.... Finally.

I'm glad to have a week of somewhat down time. What a week it was last week - what a year it was!

Calvin came back last week from Hampton university - James from Tuskegee. What a joy to see them! Both came through BCM's programs and now are studying in university. I love both of those guys. The are awesome examples of emerging leaders. Now if we can just keep them in school! Most of the BCM staff is headed out of town: Amy in Washington, Andy H. in Texas, Emily in NY... Our staff work so hard, when the down time comes they scatter.

We had a great strategic planning meeting for the Credit Union project last Thursday for most of the day. The good folks from Stanford CU hosted. Michael Hilliar from their staff facilitated. The goal is to have an operational CU by the end of '06. It's an ambitious goal to say the least, but with the quality of folks that are behind this project, I think it's do-able. I've been really impressed by the CU folks I've been getting to know. They seem to be people who genuinely care about people and have whole heartedly gotten behind the EPA project. Special thanks to Anita from Patelco. Stanford and Patelco have really brought support to this project. Without them we wouldn't even be in the conversation. Pastor Bains is an angel. I've been specifically impressed by his spirit and passion for the community. Joe Duran has been one of my best friends for years. We wouldn't be where we're at if it wasn't for he and Linda. I'm grateful to Joe for his support and friendship.

So today Melissa, Samuel and I head to San Francisco for our yearly Christmas Eve tradition. On Christmas Eve we go up into the city together, see a movie (this year the The Chronicles of Narnia) Then dinner together and a leisurely stroll through the city. Tomorrow morning we open presents! Since Christmas is on a Sunday and AUF isn't meting - we're going to go to St. Samuel and fellowship with them. Afterward head to the Melissa's family in the Valley. Monday through Wednesday, while Samuel hangs with his grandmother, Melissa will go out of town for a couple of days together.

What a year. Looking forward to slowing down, catching up... I can already see some of the exciting challenges that are ahead. For now - I think I'll relax and thank God for his kindness, blessings and grace.

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas... God is Good!

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