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Monday, December 12, 2005

Prayer Walking

Yeaterday we participated in a prayer walk in EPA. It was one of the 'tangible' action items that came out of the EPA Summit on Violence we participated in a couple of weeks ago. While we will work for social change - in the end we believe that our efforts must be infused by the power of the Holy Spirit. We walked in scilence from City Hall to a location where there was a triple homicide earlier this year. We spent a few moments praying for the city, the families of those who have been lost. We had the chance to pray specifically for the Chief of Police and his staff.

The violence in our community has slowed down somewhat in the last month - praise God. The Christmas holiday has traditionally been a violent season - we're praying that this year peace will reign.

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  1. When we prayer walk at Generation Xcel, we encourage the youth to pray: "Help me to be an answer to someone else's prayers today" and "Give me eyes and ears to see and hear what You see and hear." We also encourage them to obey when God responds. If loving God with everything we have means loving our neighbor as ourselves, and our neighbor is the man beaten out of life by the side of the road (the Good Samaritan story), what better way to pray and walk tahn by offering our lives in service to God and people?