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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

Good memorial day yesterday... Went on a M/C ride with Charles from St. Sam up to Alice's on Skyline and down to the coast. Man - we live in great motorcycle country. Redwoods, Bay vistas, the AWESOME Northern California coast. I love the Harley - but I'm ready for something a little faster - been thinking about the Buell. Still a Harley, but a sportbike.

Come home, took a nap and went with Melissa and Samuel to see the new X-Men movie. Good summer flick - don't have to think too much. Great Memorial day...

This week I'm off to the Congress for the New Urbanism conference in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference is about the redevelopment of urban communities. A generous donor picked up the bill so I'm off to see and learn! I'll keep you updated.

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