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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

UYWI Weekend

Had a great time at Urban Youthworker's Institute last weekend. Larry Acosta and his crew continue to do a fabulous job at what I believe is the premier conference for those working in urban communities. Read about the conference here. Had a great time hanging with Rudy Currasco, Jeremy Del Rio, John Perkins and others. It's always like a family reunion when we go to the conference. A group from St. Samuel came also including Pastor and First Lady Bains. I had a chance to teach a workshop called, "Start Something! The Art of Bringing Your Dreams to Reality" based on my life experiences and informed by a great book by Guy Kawasaki. Amy Kushner from BCM helped me teach the class.

I went down early to have a discussion with a group of 'young' leaders from the Christian Community Development Association. CCDA is the organization founded by John Perkins and others to create a network of folks doing holistic urban ministry. We had an excellent conversation about the future of the organization and some of the challenges facing folks doing urban work in our 'season'. It was a blast to again be with Dr. Perkins for an extended time. A major part of our discussion focused on the concept of 'relocation' (living in the community you minister to) and how it relates to gentrification. I'm thinking a ton on these issues - more thought to come. Thanks to Noel for pulling the meeting together.

On Saturday Samuel flew down with one of the BCM staff. It was great having him around since many times when I go to stuff like this I have to leave him at home. He had a blast - slept all the way home. He LOVES Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. We had the chance to stop by on the way home (my second trip for the conference.) Also - since the YWAM base is right off the 210 freeway we stopped by to show him where I met Melissa. He got a kick seeing the place where I once 'stole' a kiss!

Great trip, good times...

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  1. Great being with you too! That was quite a collection of people Noel assembled for the CCDA gathering. Great conversation. Can;t wait to see what results. IT was also fun seeing Sam again. He was so happy to be there. Friday night it looked like he never got off the plane, and that energy stayed with him.