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Friday, July 28, 2006

Guy Kawasaki on Great Public Speaking / Majora Carter Speech at the TED conference

Guy Kawasaki speaking about a great public speaker he recently heard. Read about it here. On his blog he breaks down what he thinks is great about the speech. When Guy says something is exceptional - I take notice. He's the 'guru' for venture capitalists in the silicon valley. You can also hear the speech at this website. The presenter is Majora Carter. She is speaking about redevelopment in with justice in the south Bronx. It's very worth the time to listen.

So - following the link on Guy's website he led me to something called the TED Conference (Tech, Entertainment, Design). This year folks as varied as Majora, Al Gore and Rick Warren (yes, the one from the Purpose Driven Life). Interesting mix - interesting people. Each year 1000 people are invited to attend. It's intended to foster a free flow of ideas and discussion. I filled out an app for next year - maybe they'll invite me.

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