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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tragedy in EPA

Late last week the Prince and Princess of Tonga were killed in a highway accident near our house in eastern Menlo Park. Many folks don't realize that EPA has a large and active Pacific Islander population. This is a HUGE loss since the Prince was leading a push for governmental reform in the island nation of Tonga. Read about the accident here.

I was truly amazed at the graciousness of the Tongan people. Last Friday night there was a six month memorial service for Richard May, the officer who was murdered in our city earlier this year. A Tongan dance group was previously scheduled to participate. In spite of the phenomenal tragedy (imagine a national figure dying here - along the lines of JFK of MLK) the Tongan group and community Elders showed up and participated in the officer's memorial service. What a show of humility and concern for EPA.

After the memorial service for Officer May Pastor Bains, Andy W. and I went to the memorial for the Tongan Prince and Princess. I was blessed and humbled to sit in the room with the slain Prince's sister, another Princess of Tonga. She is an awesome woman of faith. I was moved to tears to hear the Tongans worship and cry out to God for peace and healing of their community.

East Palo Alto, in spite of it's issues - is a community full of beautiful and loving people. Please pray for our Tongan brothers and sisters.

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