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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Caught Mehul Thakker on NPR Yesterday

I heard the Green candidate for Treasurer, Mehul Thakker on NPR yesterday. He made a ton of sense. I was impressed by his priorities and articulation. He's worth checking out. He spoke of community development credit unions and issues of micro finance and economic justice. However, he didn't come across as a bright eyed liberal either. Check him out here. He seems to be a bright young thinker.

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  1. Hey, I heard Mehul Thakker on NPR too and was very impressed! He was on 1-on-1 with AG Bill Lockyear, who almost bored me to death. Thakker disucssed problems with the tax structure, corporate influence in government, and stressed that he does not accept corporate contributions. He supports community banks, universal healthcare, and renewable energy. This race is a no-brainer...I'm voting for Thakker.