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Sunday, October 08, 2006

No Joy In Mudville - or EPA

Man, could yesterday have been the worst day of my life? The Tigers (yes, those Detroit Tigers, the one's who haven't won a playoff game since the Taft administration) pounded the Yankees. My beloved Yanks are out... down and out. Now we'll have to spend the off season counting our world series rings - but only to 26.

During the 7th inning I get a frantic call from Cheryl Bains. My wife Melissa tripped on the steps at church, falling on to a piece of glass. She cut her hand deeply, twisted her ankle and tweaked her back. It was a full production with fire trucks, police cars and a frantic ride to the hospital emergency room (in my car, not the ambulance). Next week it's surgery to repair a torn ligament in her hand. Bummer. What a day!

Please pray for Melissa...

No joy in mudville.

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  1. Praying for Melissa.

    Thanks for Saturday's play-by-play.