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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Report: East P.A. vice mayor made racist, derogatory comments to city staff

East Palo Alto politics are fascinating to watch. In many ways it's a small young city trying to legitimize and establish itself. EPA was founded only 25 years ago and began with a dream of self determination. It was almost named Nairobi to celebrate it's African American heritage, maybe should have been. At lease I wouldn't always have to explain that no, we are NOT the eastern part of Palo Alto. But I digress...

A report was recently issues about one of our local council members. Pete Evans is due to be the next mayor and there is some concerns about him taking the reigns of the city. Mr. Evans has done many things for the city over it's history but at times he takes a somewhat extremist stance on issues.

Either way, a recent Mercury News article states:
"East Palo Alto Vice Mayor Peter Evans has made racist comments and has attacked the character of some city employees, according to a City Council-commissioned report released this week.

Evans, who is African American, has made derogatory comments about Caucasians and verbally criticizes employees, investigator Karen Kramer wrote after interviewing 11 staff members and the five council members.

The council launched the $30,000 investigation June 27 after Assistant City Manager ML Gordon sent a letter to the city manager claiming Evans had created a hostile work environment. The council will discuss the report and possible responses at its Nov. 21 meeting.

Evans refuted the 21-page report's findings in a telephone interview Thursday.

Evans said the report is a political witch hunt intended to keep him from becoming mayor next year. Council members take turns as mayor and Evans said he is next in line.

"This report was done to keep the mayorship from happening," he said. "That's not what I think, that's what I know."

Read the entire article here.

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