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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Second New Leader Resigns From the Christian Coalition

The Rev. Joel Hunter, pastor of a nondenominational megachurch in Longwood, Fla., said he resigned as the coalition's incoming president because its board of directors disagreed with his plan to broaden the organization's agenda. In addition to opposing abortion and same-sex marriage, Hunter, 58, wanted to take on such issues as poverty, global warming and HIV/AIDS."My position is, unless we are caring as much for the vulnerable outside the womb as inside the womb, we're not carrying out the full message of Jesus,"

What a travesty! I have not been a great fan of the Christian Coalition mainly because of this issue. Yes, I'm undoubtedly against abortion - but I'm also against a host of issues including poverty, injustice, etc... If so called conservative Christian groups, which at times seem to be more of a mouthpiece for the Republican party than the Gospel, would broaden their embrace of issues then I would be much closer to their ideology. However, as is in this case, there seems to be a continued reluctance to look at the whole, even global view. I applaud Pastor Hunter for being bold and willing to take a stand.

I believe God is speaking to the church at this time - using voices like Pastor Hunter and Pastor Rick Warren. I feel He is calling His church to a greater awareness and commitment to fulfilling the commission to extend the Kingdom of God until He returns, hopefully soon. However - this very extension must come by, yes, preaching the Gospel, but also by serving the poor, protecting the environment and ministering to people with HIV/Aids. Will we hear the call?

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