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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Events Over the Past Few Weeks

Geez - so much has gone on over the past few weeks. Here are some updates and pics:

Bay Area Reload - Our local Reload event was again a success. This year we were at Patten University in Oakland. I haven't seen the final numbers, but I estimate we had just under 300 in attendance. Thanks to all the UYWI staff for their hard work. Also thanks to the BCM staff, Patten staff, School of Urban Missions, our COGIC family and Angie Ibarra from Teen Mania. It was a blessing and honor to again serve with our Bay Area leaders and Larry Acosta's staff from Reload. We're praying that God will bring unity and peace to our region.

- East Palo Alto Peace and Unity March - As reported on this blog and in the mass media it's been a violent month in EPA. As a result of the communities efforts to bring peace and unity, a group of local leaders, spearheaded by the Pacific Islander community, planned and hosted a local march. It was a resounding success. I actually got emotional while I marched. There was such a palatable sense of the blessing of God on the event. It is really true that God commands a blessing when his people come together in unity.

My wife Melissa was interviewed on the news. You can see it HERE.

What an amazing day. I'm very proud to be living in this community.

- About two weeks ago Rudy hosted an impromptu conference call / prayer meeting. It was a great encouragement to me to be praying with some of my brothers from across the country who are dealing with some of the same issues we are in terms of violence in our community. Two local young leaders, Calvin and Buddy, came by and ended up praying with us. I appreciate Rudy for taking the time to pull this off. Things have been much better in our community. Prayer works!

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    What great testimonies!