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Monday, February 26, 2007


OK... I know I've been somewhat remiss in my postings. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Some of you may have gotten the prayer note I sent out last week. If not, here's what I wrote:
We began NCUD with the vision to relieve and defeat systemic and generational poverty through the extention of the blessings of the Kingdom of God into our city. Our goal is to effectively give the people the tools and resources to work their way out of poverty. To that end we've been working for the past two years to bring a community development credit union to the community of East Palo Alto.

We are coming closer and closer to the 'tipping point' where I can say that our credit union will open this summer! We're not there yet, but, much work has gone on over that past months that have clarified our vision and direction. I'm feeling more and more optimistic that we will be open this summer, perhaps as early as June. I'm specifically asking for your prayers right now. There are some very critical discussions going on, even today, that need to be bathed in prayer. We're at a crossroads and need the hand of God to guide us continue to open up the right doors.

Much has been accomplished - many hurdles still need to be jumped. WIll you take a moment and pray for us? Our enemy would like nothing better than to foil our plans and labor. Honestly, I'm feeling very positive about this - we just need God to continue to confirm our plans and provide direction.

In addition, we're working on the establishment of our youth financial literacy / leadership development initiative. We're also working out some critical details about that project where we need the wisdom of God.

It's a critical time for our ministry!

God has been faithful in providing the necessary resources for us to keep going. However, we also need to continue to see His financial provision. Please lift our finances up in prayer.

Thanks for all your support. God is doing great things in East Palo Alto! We're blessed to be living and ministering in this great city!
We're really coming down to crunch time... I need your prayers!

On another note, last night my wife Melissa and our friend Andy went to SF to see a lecture by two authors, Eric Metaxes and David Batstone at City Church. Metaxas wrote the companion book to the movie "Amazing Grace". that's in theatres right now. I haven't seen the movie yet. We made a rather poor choice to go and see Ghost Rider this weekend instead.

I've know David Batstone for a couple of years now. He was with the Sojourners crew. David was a guest lecturer at one of my classes at Fuller. He teaches at the University of San Francisco. David's book, "Not for Sale" is about modern day slavery.


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