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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back from a week of travels... Pt. 1

It's been a long week. Last weekend I was blessed to again attend 'Larry's Party', the annual Urban Youthworker's Institute conference in Los Angeles. I did a workshop on "Building Strategic Partnerships". By the way, you can hear select previous year's sessions and workshops here. Thanks to the UYWI staff for again putting on an excellent conference for those of us banging it out in the trenches.

It was great to catch up with many close friends at the event. Max Torres made a surprise visit. Saw Chris Brooks for a minute. (Pray for Chris, he was in a car accident last week. Check out his blog for more information.) Of course saw fellow bloggers Rudy and Jeremy (More about him later.) A close friend and now 'country' pastor in Gilroy, Angel Ruiz, stayed with me in my mod. It was a great time catching up with him and calling him names like, "Chongo".

I took Samuel with me again. Honestly, the most fun is having him there. He enjoys meeting everyone and the music at the main sessions. We had a great time being together and, of course, eating. He painted a picture at the art station.

After coming home on Saturday I took off for four day in New York...


  1. hey!!! thats me sleeping!!!!!!!

  2. Slamin Sam! You look so peaceful when you are asleep. What were you dreaming about? Hitting one out of the park?