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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jane Fonda on Conversion

In the current edition of Rolling Stone Jane Fonda speaks about her conversion to Christianity Jane says:
"Someone very hostile to me said, 'Are you saved?' I tap danced around that, but later asked a friend of mine who teaches a Bible study, 'What does that mean?' And she said, 'what it meant to me was taking the next step.' Well, that's all anybody has to say to me - I'm always ready to take the next step (laughs)! So I became a Christian.

And I'm still a Christian, but I'm still on a journey to define what that means. I very much feel the presence of God, and that person is Jesus - I am utterly fascinated by this man. I feel what he preached was revolutionary, and it's totally what we need now. The most revolutionary statement anyone could make is 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' Whew, man. If we could live what he taught, everything would change. But it ain't what goes by the name of Christianity right now.

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