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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life's been nuts...

It's been hard to get a chance to blog this year. I had hoped for a more relaxed pace once the credit union was open. I guess I was wrong.  This year has already been fruitful and busy. Here are some bullet point updates on what's going on. 

- This weekend is the Bay Area Reload event at Patten University in Oakland. This year Bart Campolo, Leroy Barber and Joy Challenger are our speakers. Yours truly is doing a workshop on suburban / urban partnerships. If you're in the area, come and join us!

- I've recently joined two boards of director, one for One East Palo Alto, a local non profit intermediary organization and Christian Community Development Association.I'm honored to serve both these excellent organizations. Last Tuesday I attended my first OEPA board meeting and last week I was in Miami for the CCDA board meeting. All that to say my plate is full...

- My parents are out here. Dad is an electrician who specializes in nuclear power. He's working down at a plant on the central California coast.

Melissa's brother Fabian and his wife Alissa met us in Monterrey last weekend. My niece and nephew Jose and Nevaeh and Samuel had a great time. Nevaeh is a doll - she loves her Uncle John! 

- Things are going well with the credit union and youth programs... We're moving forward! 

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  1. i guess i'll let that explain why you did not answer your phone - my excuse is even better... i didn't pay the bill... (that whole excessive fees thing)

    Glad you got to take that Berkley Break, buddy. c ya.