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Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year...

After a much needed hiatus, I'm back! What a whirlwind 2007 was. Here's a few updates from my life and work.. 

Credit Union: As previously mentioned in this blog, we opened for business on 12/19. Since we had a soft opening, we haven't done any real promotion in the community. Even so, we've been successful in opening new accounts, just based on word of mouth. It's been exciting to see friends and community members coming in to start accounts or stop by to give their greetings and blessings. CU Supervisor Maria Chavez is doing a great job. We're proud of her. 

The top photo is of NCUD co-founder Marc Prioleau and I behind the teller line at the new branch. Below is the 'famous' Maria! 

Sam's Back: Finally! Samuel always heads to the Central Valley during his breaks. He loves hanging out over there. Essentially, he hangs with his grandmother, Uncle Fabian and Aunt Alicia and his cousins Jose and Nevaeh. Over there he's a prince, eating, playing video games... Outwardly, he doesn't miss us at all (which breaks his father and mother's hearts)

But, now my 'baby' is back at home. Now he's completely focused on his beloved Christmas gift, a Playstation 3. 

Christmas was a great season - but all too short. I'm looking forward to great things in '08. We have some a busy and exciting few months coming with the Bay Area Reload coming later this month, Credit Union grand opening on February 2nd, and CCDA Institute coming in late April.

The below photo is from the annual Christmas Eve celebration Samuel, Melissa and I have in San Francisco. It's a chance for us to be together one last time before we go the the Valley and be with Melissa's family. 

Happy New Year to all!

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