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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I know he's old, but this is a great record... Ode to New Jersey

Gotta give it up for Bruce Springsteen - his latest release 'Magic' is a great record! It certainly appeals to the 'Jersey boy' in me (yes folks, I was born in the Garden State - and proud of it!).

Jeremy, NYC may have the Yankees, CBGB's and the Garden, but Jersey has 'The Boss', the Shore, the Sopranos, and the greatest tomatos on earth and, arguably, better pizza and Italian food than the City.  It's a bummer the Nets have lost Jason Kidd...

This could be his best in a long time, but in reality he's been pretty consistent. Check out 'Your Own Worst Enemy' or 'Girls in Their Summer Clothes' that have shades of the Beach Boys / Phil Spector. Those tracks are certainly different takes for Bruce. 'Gypsy Biker' sounds like a old school Bruce song. 'Radio Nowhere' is an outstanding opening track, 'I'll Work for Your Love' is great. 

Buy it here or at your favorite music source. I know many of my folks go to other sites, but I'm still an itunes fan.


  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but NY doesn't have CBGB's anymore. They got gentrified out of the East Village a couple years ago and moved to Vegas, where the founder died within the past year -- of a broken heart I bet.

  2. BTW, the pizza in NJ is derivative. NYC's pizza is still the original.

  3. John
    I am trying to find your email address to talk to you about a reunion for our SPS class? If you recieve this, could you email me at auntewi@aol.com in the next day or two. I need all my info before the end of Feb.?? I will give you all the info via email if you contact me.
    ERin Moyer

  4. Good to hear from Erin...

    Jeremy, wow - I think I struck a nerve. I have family that will SWEAR by NJ pizza. Last pizza I had in Jersey was at Conti's in Princeton - truly amazing!

    Bummer about CBGB's...