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Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Recap...

OK - so I might be the only one in the world but I was rather uninterested in the Super Bowl. I know... it was the greatest one ever. But I've decided I really have room only for one sport in my life - and that would be baseball. Instead, Melissa, Sam and I went to see U2-3D. It's actually Jeremy's Del Rio's fault. He and JJ went to see it and texted me when they came out of the theatre. But - when he heard I ditched the super bowl for this I recieved stereo-typical New York ridicule from a Giants fan. However, I'm thrilled that the New York team got revenge for the Yankees recent troubles with the Red Sox.

But, oh man, go see this IMAX flick. We had the privledge to see U2 live on the Vertigo tour, so we remember the concert well. But I have never seen anything like this. The 3D effect was stunning. It made us feel like we were right on top of the band. VERY worth the money. If it's showing in a theatre near you, go...

However, at times I think Bono is a Christian, and at times I think he's more of a universalist. This movie made me think the latter. On the 'How To Dismantle the Atomic Bomb' record he sings songs like 'All Because of You' where he quotes I AM as the reason he is who he is - and later on the album sings directly to Yahweh in an amazing song. But his banter on the movie points to a more universal nature of his beliefs. I don't know. In the end it's awesome, positive and uplifting music. The jury is out on the theology.

Here is Christianity Today's review of the movie with good insight on the theology.

Before the movie we went to a party for BCM founder Andy Hartwell. After founding BCM and nurturing it for 24 years, Andy feels it's time to turn over the helm. Andy is vetaren and has faithfully served the organization for a long time. Congratulations to Andy for his faithful service. Peace and blessings to him as he moves on to the next challenge.

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