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Friday, November 28, 2008

Not much posting lately

OK - I know I haven't been posting much lately. After the CCDA conference, then a week of vacation I came back to a whirlwind. I hope I still have some readers! Here's a few things that has been going on to catch you up on the randomness of my life:

- Andy Hartwell, founder and former Executive Director of my former employer Bayshore Christian Ministries attended Max Torres' funeral. Here's some of Andy's reflections
"I went to Max' funeral. It was pretty amazing. We got there a little before 10 and still ended up sitting in the gymnasium. The sanctuary and overflow room were already packed. Later, the little passageway between the 2 got packed out as well. I think there were 1000 people there, certainly 800+. Lots of bikers. The speakers were great. They really knew Max and reflected well on his personality and his legacy. It was really positive without being at all shallow. It wasn't happy-happy; it was really moving. His oldest son got up to thank everyone and was crying. His pastor did a great job and then presented a flag to his family, recognizing Max as a Christian hero. The bikers definitely got their salutes in as well...."
Thanks to Andy for the update. Max's death really knocked me for a loop. I've been praying for his wife and kids every day. I truly miss my brother, but I'm also thankful we got to journey together on 'this side' for a decade or so.

- The new Ryan (certainly not Bryan) Adams and the Cardinals record, Cardinology, is growing on me. Best tracks: Fix It, Natural Ghost, Evergreen and Stop. 

- Thanksgiving was great - went to the Bains' house... Great food, good fellowship...

- Next week I'm off to the Twin Cities to teach a CCDA Institute class with Juanita Irizarry on the CCDA core value, 'redistribution'. If you're from the area, please come by. You can get info here. I hope to see Eric Iverson when I'm there.

- Interesting New York Times article on predatory lenders. It's not the typical report, this one shows both sides of the issue. Not sure I agree - but it's great for discussion.

- The Del Rio's had a beautiful baby boy, Cyrus. Congrats to the Del Rio family!

- It's been fun reconnecting with a bunch of folks recently. YWAM friends Suzie (Flanigan) Bukovec and Todd Worlock. Gotta love Facebook. Todd was with me in '87 when I connected with Melissa in LA and Suzie was one of my closest friends when I first went into the organization at 18 years old. Todd and I about split the LA YWAM base over a U2 concert - but that's another story! I attended St. Peter's Catholic School for 8 years. A bunch of the former students are planning a reunion at Christmas this year. I can't attend - but it's been fun to read the emails and see where everyone is at these days.

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