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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missing My Brother

Our beloved friend, lifetime servant of Christ, pastor, respected 'urban' leader and Sam's adopted uncle Max Torres passed last night after a fatal motorcycle accident. Max has been a close friend of mine for well over a decade. I've had lots of wonderful memories flooding back from my times with Max including a retreat on Lake Meade in the 90's, a visit to the White House in the Clinton days and many laughs during his season serving in East Palo Alto with Bayshore Christian Ministries. One of the picures I posted was from a summer intern retreat where he was the speaker.

My thoughts are prayers are with Dalia and their sons.

Max, well done - a life well lived. You are missed...

Every day is a gift.

I'll post more information as I become aware.


  1. doug tegner1:34 PM

    Max Torres...

    A friend to all, compassion in action, lover of his family, heart for God, discipler of throngs, the real deal.

    I will miss my friend.
    Doug Tegner

  2. Isaac Fuentes5:09 PM

    I used to attend Tab and the one thing that keeps ringing in my head is Max singing "Isn't it amazing what a prayer can do". Love you Max!

  3. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Enter how he impacted your life...leave a message to his family and view how he made an impact:


    Dyanna Mejia