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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy to Be Home

It's good to be home...

Yesterday was the beginning of my first 'real' week in our new offices. It's a little strange not to be connected to a big team like I had at BCM over the past six years. I don't know if I mentioned it, but we're sharing offices with our church and the non profit Pastor Bains started, Project WeHope. I'm enjoying co-habitating with Connie, Cheryl Bains, JD and Pastor. I really like synergy in an office. Pastor and I had a great talk over lunch about new urbanist development in EPA (yea, I know... It's my current obsession). One rather important perk about our office is that a taco truck parks in front of the building every day. The smell of carne asada begins to waft through at about 11:00. It's just about irresistible. As Homer would say, "Taaaco, mmmmmm."

When my dad was here a couple of weeks ago he blessed us by hanging three overhead fans. He loved showing off by climbing on top of the walls to run the electrical - evidenced by photo. Also you can see the outside of our building and the foyer where the lobby and credit union tellers will be. The building looks like a standard industrial park building - but it's in a great location for the branch opening.

It's good to be in our new digs...

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