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Monday, June 26, 2006

OK - so I'm behind in my reading... but I'm finanlly getting around to reading "A Generous Orthodoxy" by Brian McLaren. Here is a great quote that particularly speaks to how I feel.

"For me in the US - now the undesputed superpower in the world - I feel surrounded by Christians who very much like the idea of an American God of a middle class, republican Jesus, first and formost concerned about Our National Security or Our Way of Life. 'The Lord is My Shepherd' becomes 'The Lord is Our President,' elected for us for our national interest... The language of lordship and authority in this context only seem to serve, 'The Powers That Be,' to bolster the status quo to ligitimize and protect whatever regime that is in power. This feels like a tired old story that history has seen rise and fall many times, and it sickens me." - taken from the chapter, " Would Jesus be a Christian?"

I'm not really trying to bash any particular party or affliiation. I mean - was the previous Democratic administration really any better (ok... well, except for the war)? What I'm feel is that our faith should be focused on extending the 'other Kindom' into this world. Not on protecting our wealth. There any many different policitcal views among my friends and all have an aspect of truth. However In the end it's really about realigning our values to Jesus' values. I'm old enough to know now that it's easier said than done - but we have to start somewhere. I'm older now - but I still want to play a part in a revolution!

Interesting stuff... come Lord Jesus!

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