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Monday, June 12, 2006

Max Torres / St. Sam / Ozomatli

Yesterday was almost the perfect day. Max is here from Houston. He came in to do some training for the BCM summer team. Knowing he was to be here we were able to schedule him to speak at St. Samuel yesterday morning. He did a great job. After service and lunch I returned to church for a baptism service. I was blessed to participate in the baptism of a young man who I watched grow over the last four years in BCM's programs.

After the baptism I picked up Max and Melissa and we ran off to the Ozomatli concert at Mountain Winery. A friend of ours gave us the tickets - a huge blessing.

Max is a great friend - it's a joy to have him around. He has been eating tripitas tacos since he got here - I guess they are outlawed in Texas - go figure.

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