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Monday, August 21, 2006

Albums that Influenced Me

So - for whatever reason I started thinking about records that influenced me. Music still continues to be one of the greatest loves of my life. Last night as I was going to sleep I started thinking about the records (I'm from the 'old skool' where you bought records, not songs) that I would say have been the most influential on me... These are the ones I would want with me on a desert island. Here they are with the best song on each:

- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan / Bob Dylan (Don't Think Twice It's Alright)
- Saved / Bob Dylan (Saving Grace)
- Only Visiting This Planet / Larry Norman (The Great American Novel)
- Abbey Road / The Beatles (Here Comes the Sun)
- Blood On the Tracks / Bob Dylan (Tangled Up in Blue)
- Moondance / Van Morrison (Crazy Love)
- Actung Baby / U2 (One)
- Joshua Tree / U2 (In God's Country)
- Let It Be / Beatles (Two of Us)
- Rubber Soul / Beatles (In My Life)
- Born to Run / Bruce Springsteen (10th Avenue Freeze Out)
- Under the Table and Dreaming / Dave Matthews (The Best of Whats Around)
- Scarecrow / John Mellencamp (Lonely ol Night)
- No Compromise / Keith Green (No Compromise)
- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill / Lauryn Hill (Every Ghetto Every City)
- 10 / Pearl Jam (Jeremy)
- Awaiting Your Reply / Resurrection Band (Broken Promises)
- The Way Home / Russ Taff (Farther On)
- Greatest Hits / The Fugees (How Many Mics)
- Graceland / Paul Simon (Graceland)

Honorable Mention:
- Pnenomia / Whiskeytown (Ballad of Carol Lynn)
- Heartbreaker / Ryan Adams (Oh My Sweet Carolina)
- Grace / Jeff Buckley (Hallelujah)
- The Roots Come Alive / The Roots (You Got Me)
- Legend / Bob Marley (No Woman No Cry)
- August and Everything After / Counting Crows (Round Here)
- Andrae Crouch and The Disciples (Take Me Back)


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