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Monday, August 07, 2006

Volunteer Help Needed!

You might know by now - but Charlene has left NCUD staff to pursue a law degree. She did an amazing job for us over the last 11 months. We wouldn't be where we are without her leadership and hard work. I miss her a bunch, but am happy for her as she pursues her dreams to become a lawyer. One day she may be the Governor of Guam!

In order to curtail expenses until we get the credit union up and running we have decided not to fill her position right now. I need help! I'm looking for a volunteer to help with administrative tasks for NCUD - basic stuff. While things are pretty much in order right now - I could use someone to help us look at our procedures for our office operation. This would in include working with our bookkeeper to insure our financial record keeping is in top shape.

I imagine that this will take around 5 hours a week - but may require some extra work at the beginning to tighten things up. Would you consider serving NCUD in this way? If you are unable to help at this time, can you forward this on to someone you know who might be willing to help in this capacity?

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