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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is the Gospel Powerful?

Being back in a traditional Pentecostal church that talks a lot about the power of God is making me think about the power of God much. I mean, let's be real. Do we live with the understanding that God has real power to change lives? If so - how is it impacting the way we do work and ministry? Given the person that I am I struggle with remembering the reality of the power of God. It sometimes feels silly and simple to rely on a power we can't see, touch or feel. If I REALLY believed in the power of a present God would I struggle as I do? Would I sin? Would I shrink from sharing His word? Would I treat my family differently?

I've been reading the book 'God in the Flesh' by Don Everts as a devotional. Today I came across this passage:

"If Jesus really is so powerful, why aren't we more regular and persistent in laying our own needs before him? If his touch contains such power, why aren't we, like those we see in the pages of the Gospels running around town to bring all in need closer to his powerful touch?

Because we no longer believe that Jesus' touch carries power. We just don't see him like those in his own day clearly saw him.

Instead we grow accustomed to illness (physical and spiritual), and we cope and deal. We farm out the spiritually ill to professionals who can rarely heal but who will sedate the problem enough to keep it off our conscience. I'm not suggesting there's no need for doctors and professional counselors and even medication. I'm just suggesting we've lost all fight as a church when it comes to carrying our needy friends to Jesus."

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the issue of happiness. Why, as Christians don't we seem any more happy or joyful as non-Christians? We talk a lot about the 'joy of the Lord', but most times it doesn't mean much when it comes down to it. In the Gospels people flocked to Jesus - they HAD to be with him. Even in Acts there was a magnetism about the church. Today - we have to beg and cajole people to come to church. Why?

I wonder if it has to do with the lack of the power of God - or better yet the lack of faith that we have that makes way for the power of God. Honestly, I need a touch of the power of God... Let's pray for revival in our lives, churches and ministries. I certainly have more questions than answers. But I know this is all connected - the power of God, the Joy of the Lord and the radical redemption of our communities.

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