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Monday, April 23, 2007

Article - "The Organizational Importance of Honesty"

Not sure about you, but I've experienced organizational dishonesty in the past. When it happens it can be damaging to the organization at large and the people who serve. Here is a great article that addresses this issue.
"We have all experienced the public lie that goes unchallenged. It may be baldly untrue but somehow accepted as the basis for action with life and death consequences. Some of our experience of public lies may be based on differences in values or perceptions, but sometimes what is said just simply violates the facts—this is disheartening and drives people out of public participation.

The same may be said of organizations. A nonprofit may, on the surface, be making every effort to promote teamwork and “the higher good,” but if its people continue to perceive a culture that supports a different and less reliable set of operating norms and assumptions than what is written or espoused, they will not bring themselves wholly to our efforts.

Here are some typical reasons for telling lies:

· to avoid pain or unpleasant consequences;

· to promote self-interest and a particular point of view;

· to protect the leaders or the organization;

· to perpetuate myths that hold the organization or a point of view together.

Regardless of why they are told, untruths and lies can cause people to disengage—and they can also diminish the spirit people bring into the workplace.

Our challenge is to buck the culture and engage people in building a climate of truth telling that will lead to a newly revived work ethic and heightened individual and collective energy. To do this effectively, we must understand the conditions that support the emergence of truth, and understand and eliminate those that routinely undermine its presence in our organizations."
Read the entire article here.

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