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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Been gone too long...

Isn't that a song?

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. We're pushing hard with the credit union project, trying to insure opening day this summer. Our target is July. This project at times seems to move at a glacial pace. It's been at times very frustrating. But, I have to continue to remind myself that this is a different type of project, one that takes alot of legal wrangling, negotiations and planning. Pray for me... pray for the project.

Beyond all of that, I switched DSL plans at home and was cut off for a week from Internet service at home. In some ways it was nice to be 'unwired' for a while, but it limited my blogging.

Here's some pictures of what's been going on over the past few weeks:

I was blessed to baptize my 76 year old mother in law, Betty. After studying "The Purpose Driven Life" at a study at my sister in law's house, she decided to publicly declare her faith. What an honor it was to serve her and Melissa's family in this way.

Opening Day for little league! The EPA tradition is to march from city hall to MLK park. Sam's playing for Coach Andy once again.

Sam and I took a trip to LA for some meetings. He was on spring break. We made our traditional pilgrimage to Roscoe's. Sam and I had a blast. In addition to my 'boring' meetings we spent the night at the Acosta's and had lunch with long time friend Pastor Jim Ortiz.

The St. Sam kids did a couple of dramas for our Easter service. The young ladies did a praise dance and all did a version of Carmen's "Champion". The Champion reminded me of my YWAM days, since I did the same drama many eons ago.

Not sure who these folks are! It looks like Melissa and I, but truly can't be!

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  1. WOW!
    That last pic is a doozy!
    -Max & Dollie-