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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Updaete from Intervarsity at Virginia Tech

Thank you for your emails, phone calls, and prayers. I am just now able to get back to everyone as I was completely devastated and overwhelmed last week. While I would love to respond to everyone individually, it would be impossible since I received over 1000 emails.

Today was the third day of classes since the tragedy. The mood on campus is somewhat of a hopeful melancholy. While some things are getting back to "normal" (most of the media has left), we all know that our community is very different.

The Christian community has been a source of hope on campus. We have had many prayer and worship times, some planned and others were informal. Our Large Group meeting on Friday with the Korean-American fellowship allowed us to grieve, heal, reconcile and declare our adoration of the Lord Christ Jesus. Alumni, members of the community, and local IV chapters came to support us and worship with us.

Many of you have asked what you could do to help. Here are a few ways that you can help financially:

To support the families of the victims: http://www.vt.edu/tragedy/memorial_fund.php

To support the work of InterVarsity at Virginia Tech: www.intervarsity.org/donors
(Search for Virginia Tech)

In Christ,
Wes Barts

Wes Barts
InterVarsity @ VT

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