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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back home for a week

Just got back home from my trip. After leaving Hampton University on Friday I flew down to Florida to I spend the weekend with family and friend.

I had the chance to hook up with one of my oldest friends, Tony. Tony is now a dentist in the town I grew up in. I've known him since kindergarten. It's a trip to see the two of us, late 30's, having coffee, talking 'grown up' talk. I remember alll the times on the playground at St. Peters School with him... TIme flies.

Also had the blessing to spend a ton of time with my nephew Noah and niece Lilli. I pasted some of the pics of the kids. It was good to be with the family. It was hard to leave but I was anxious to return home to Melissa and Samuel.

Oh yea, I also found a great pic of Melissa and Samuel taken on Christmas Eve.

Next Monday I head to NYC to recruit for BCM. Samuel is going with me... Hope to hook up with family and friends when I'm there. On Friday we're taking a tour of Yankee Stadium and going to a Knicks game. I don't know if he or I is more excited!

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