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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sitting in San Jose Airport

Plane is delayed - takin' the red-eye to NYC. This should be my last large recruiting trip for BCM. I'm speaking at Nyack College in Manhattan - thanks to Dr. Louis Carlo.

The fun part is that Samuel is traveling with me. He's excited to be in New York again. He's 10 now - I'm sure this is a trip he'll remember all his life. We have a couple of fun things planned - a Knicks game and a tour of Yankee Stadium. We're flying on Jet Blue - direct tv all the way! My friend Katie called it a boondoggle, hmmmm.

I had the strangest stomach flu over the last few days. Sorry to whine - but, man - I felt acute pain like I never had before. Right now I'm feeling ok... hope it lasts.

We land around 6:45 am...

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