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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New York City

Samuel and I just returned from New York. We had a great time. Most of the week was reserved for appointments and connections - mainly on behalf of BCM - but we also had some time to hang in the city and have some fun.

We spent a ton of time with Dr. Louis Carlo at Nyack College in Manhattan. I was very impressed with what they have going on there. It's one of the only Christian colleges I've been to that has an overwhelming majority of students of color. I really sensed that God is reserving something special for that college. I appreciate Dr. Carlo's hospitality and opening the doors for us. He is the director of the grad school - it's very impressive. I hope to make a connection between he and David Moore at Patten. Dr. Carlo is an amazing, warm and open leader. The students love him and it shows!

Additionally I had a great meeting at NYU with Curtis Wright at the multicultural life department. We got to connect with Jason Lewis - a former BCM intern and amazing artist. He recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in cartooning. I wanted to connect with with some of my contacts in the city. Jason is an amazing young man - God is going to use him greatly.

On Tuesday night we had dinner with Jeremy Del Rio. Over the years I've heard much about Jeremy but never had the chance to connect with him until the CCDA conference in Indy last Fall. Jeremy is a authentic and honest man of God. I had a great time with him over dinner at a Chinatown restaurant that you HAVE to try when you're in NYC. Get the soup dumplings (Samuel and I had to go back for more on Thursday). When you get the chance - check out Jeremy's blog.

On Wednesday after our meetings we went up to the Bronx to meet with Dimas. He's pioneering a new church in the same projects where hip hop started, using the community center. Dimas is a true soldier. He's a fabulous speaker / teacher but still unafraid to engage in street level ministry in the community. After the meeting we played a little pool and foos ball. While not gloating - let's just say the West Coast rules!

On Thursday we were back at Nyack where I made another announcement at the chapel meeting. At the last minute I got to teach one of the pastoral ministry classes speaking about community development.

On the weekend Samuel and I got to have some fun. We went to Yankee Stadium and a Knicks game. We also went out to Jersey and Staten Island to see family. Good times. Samuel is 10 now - I really wanted to bring him along to spend some time with him. He loves NYC - the subways, the city, the food, the sights... We had a great time - a time that we both will remember for our lives. I feel blessed to have been able to bring him with me.

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  1. Great hangin with you, bro! See you soon in NoCal.