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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Update on NCUDC (Credit Union) project

*This went out to our CU partners... Hopefully it'll give you an update on our progression...*

I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on our work over the past few weeks. Charlene returned from Guam on 1/18, which has provided us the opportunity to move ahead on our tasks and projects. Her father thankfully is doing well and recovering.

We are working on a number of fronts to see this project established. Here is the list of things that are on the “front burner”.

- CDFI Fund grant. The CDFI fund grant is due on 2/13. We are applying for federal money to provide us capital for EPAFCU. The grant application is arduous. We expect to get the grant complete, but the deadline is tight. We’re asking for 100k for technical assistance. If approved, it will fund in the fall.

- Business plan. We’re working diligently on the business plan for EPAFCU. We recently spent a day together working on this. Our goal is to have a draft plan by no later than 4/1. There will be additional pieces that we will add as we complete the charter application.

- Golf Tournament. We’ve moved the golf tournament date to 3/31. This gives us another week of room to work on this. We expect to have solicitation letters for sponsors and promotional material completed by next week. Once we do we’ll get information into your hands. Look for items from Charlene by the end of next week. We need sponsors and golfers, please help us!

- Location for EPAFCU. A location in EPA recently came available that, for many reasons, is the ideal location for the credit union. I’m hoping to finalize those arrangements any day now. Our goal is to take possession by 3/1.

Additionally, in a recent trip to Grand Rapids I had the opportunity to meet with Randy Karnes from CU Answers. The meeting with Randy helped establish our relationship with his company. He offered some excellent advice and encouraged us in our effort. With Randy’s help I’m outlining an action plan for the development of the business side of the CU. We’ll include you in the discussion in upcoming weeks.

We have identified a timeline for the implementation of this project. While in some cases we’ll be able to outperform what we’ve outlined below - I wanted to set realistic and attainable expectations for our performance based on the amount of work to be done. With your help we may be able to make this happen sooner. Of course, the wild card is the NCUA. As you know - each of these items have a myriad of action items. Here’s our timeline:

2/13 - CDFI fund application complete
3/17 - Fund raising dessert for NCUDC
3/31 - Golf Tournament at Poppy Ridge
4/1 - Draft business plan complete
6/1 - Charter Application Complete
9/1 - Build out of EPAFCU space
1/1/06 - EPAFCU Doors open

OK - there is a brief update on our progression. Thanks for all your help! Please let me know your questions and comments.

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