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Friday, September 15, 2006

East Palo Alto Measure C

Here's a couple of pictures from the Measure C meeting at our offices yesterday. Measure C is a local ballot initiative that funds local youth programs. It will raise about $1 million in funding per year for youth programs that will be paid for by a parcel tax. We project that this will go a long way to preventing youth violence.

I'm sitting on the organizing committee with EPA Mayor Ruben Abrica and Councilwoman Pat Foster. I'm glad to be volunteering for what I believe is a worthy cause.

Why is Measure C a Fair Proposal?

- It Funds Violence Prevention including: Programs for youths and seniors, job training, family counseling, parent education and support for ex- prisoners.

- It Provides funds to improve policing. This initiative works hand in hand with local law enforcement, but in a more 'preventive' manner.

- The funds are given to local non profits. Programs are chosen and overseen by 15 local community members. This funds the local groups who are working on the street, not creating more government programs. It does so in a way that provides the proper checks and balances on local groups to insure the funds are used correctly.

- It Exempts seniors form paying, protecting those who are on fixed incomes.

- It Protects renters from increased rents. This prevents landlords from passing on the costs directly to renters.

If you are an East Palo Alto voter, please support this measure. The few extra dollars in property taxes each year will go a long way toward making East Palo Alto a better community.

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