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Thursday, September 07, 2006

John Ortberg quotes Dallas Willard on about Sin

I've been listening to the podcasts from John Ortberg from Menlo Park Pres.. You can get them on itunes. I like Ortberg's teaching. MPPC is a good church with a lot of great folks, including one of our board members Marc.

So - Ortberg quoted Dallas Willard like this, "It is the responsibility of every Christian to carve out a soul satisfying life under the loving rule of God so that sin will not look good."

What a great quote. Sometimes we focus so much on the action of sin we forget that there are preventive measures we can do at avert the desire to do bad things. I'm trying hard to find and do the good things that satisfy my soul - art, music, friends, etc... and make time for them. I find I'm happier and more Godly when I do those. I also love the activity of 'carving out'. How many times do I talk about it being my responsibility to find good things that satisfy me? God help me! I'm gonna try to 'carve away' more...

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