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Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Still Like Taking a Drink From a Fire Hose!

- Showed up to our offices yesterday to find the electricity had been turned off. Turns out PG&E shut the wrong meter off. Had to juggle the property manager, PG&E and a job interview at the same time. I kept telling our candidate, "Well - this is what it can be like around here!"

- Our pastor's wife, Cheryl, found an awesome donation for us. She, single handedly, got us about $30k in 'in-kind' donations for the credit union. Stuff included two teller stations, two loan officer cubicles and, for the coup de gras, two ATM machines! The ATMs alone are a HUGE find. Cheryl made contact with a local credit union branch that was closing.

- EPA has been having a tough couple of months. In the last 9 days we've had 11 shootings making 25 in the last month with three homicides. All of this in a city that is only 2.5 square miles. The Chief of Police has called an emergency community meeting for tonight with the community of faith. Almost every day I talk to someone who says, "EPA is a different place." When I hear the statement is somewhat irritates me. Yes, comparatively EPA has changed. However the violence continues. People who live in more affluent places cannot understand what it's like to live around so much violence and what is does to families and children. One homicide is too much. One shooting is too much. Please pray for our city.

- Bay Area Reload is next week, YIKES! If you build it they will come! Bobby Duran from the UYWI staff came up for some prep work and had dinner at our house. Larry Acosta sure has an outstanding staff... Bobby is a great guy.


  1. We're looking forward to Reload! Our prayers for peace in the Bay Area will include EPA.

  2. Does your CU need anything else? My employer works with CUs all over the country that might be willing to help if they were aware of your needs.