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Friday, January 26, 2007

Merc Reports Further on Seema Singh's death

I mentioned about a young lady who was murdered last Monday. Seema Singh was a former student at BCM. The San Jose Merc reported further about her life:
"Singh was driving alone in a Honda Accord about 7 p.m. Monday near Westminster Avenue at Alberni Street when she was shot once in the left temple, police said. The gunshot caused her to career into a power pole.

No one knows much about the shooting, but Prasad said he spoke with a mutual friend the night Singh died and learned that she left home about 7 p.m. and was headed to the home of a friend named Ronald. She never made it.

For Singh, it was a tragic ending to a difficult life. She had a history of family troubles and she had left high school early. But Prasad said Singh had begun to turn things around, studying at a college and working security at a San Mateo mall.

Singh's father died several years ago and Singh lived with her mother and sister in a home in East Palo Alto, which Prasad said was in a ``scary-ish neighborhood, coming from Fremont, but she thought it was normal.''

He said he met Singh at a Fijian festival in East Palo Alto five years ago and that they'd been buddies ever since. Their parents were born in the Fiji Islands and they shared the same cultural background.

What he recalls most about Singh was her ability to make friends -- she was so popular that sometimes she made others jealous.

``She was an outgoing person,'' he said. ``She would party a lot -- dancing, sometimes drinking, no drugs. Everywhere she went, she knew people in every city.'' "
The article is right about her personality. Seema was in a small group Bible study my wire led at BCM. She was all heart and personality, we knew her well. She was one of those kids that could light up a room and soon had everyone watching her. Her father passed when she was in junior high, and it really had a dramatic impact on her.

It's really sad to lose anyone. It's been hard on our community to lose someone like Seema, who by all appearances seemed to be a 'civilian' in the current feuds that are going on.

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